About Our Teachers

Teacher Laughs With Student Who Is Writing At Desk

Teacher Qualifications

A highly qualified teacher meets federal requirements for that designation including all the following criteria:

  • Fully certified and/or licensed by the state.
  • Holds at least a bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution.
  • Demonstrates competence in each core academic subject area they teach.

At PVSchools, 100 percent of classroom teachers are highly qualified. Additionally, many of our para-educators who work with teachers meet definitions of highly qualified for their classroom roles.

National Board Certified Teachers

National board certified teachers are recognized as being at the forefront of their profession and only 3 percent of the U.S. teaching force achieves this standard. PVSchools believes this intensive, multi-year certification process helps elevate the quality of teachers with its focus on classroom practices, standards-based instruction and student achievement.  

PVSchools has one of the highest concentrations of nationally board certified teachers of any district in Arizona. 

Professional Development

At every stage of their career, PVSchools is committed to helping teachers increase their professional expertise. Our programs include:

  • A mentor program that supports those new to the profession through their first and second years in the classroom.
  • Professional Learning Communities that foster collaboration and continuous improvement.
  • The Center for Teacher Development, where teachers learn from one another by using information and video technology to observe the techniques of advanced practitioners. This innovative approach has attracted interest from universities and districts around the country.
  • Current teachers and PVSchools staff are invited to visit our Professional Development website.

Recruiting and Keeping the Best

Our average teacher salary exceeds the average of peer districts and across Arizona. Additionally, our teachers are provided performance-based pay; compensation for specialized skills and for advancing their skills by becoming nationally board certified; as well as duty free work days with a planning period.

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