Ms. Jill Barragan

Assistant Superintendent of Business Operations

Jill Barragan - Assistant Superintendent Of Business Operations For PVSchoolsThe Assistant Superintendent of Business Operations is responsible for the following areas at PVSchools.


  • Serve superintendent, cabinet, principals, department heads, faculty staff and students
  • Oversee audit functions
  • Budget development: August-June
  • Risk management: property and liability insurance
  • Serve on Valley Schools Management Group
  • Ensure compliance with Uniform System of Financial Records
  • Finance and Payroll
  • Record revenue and expenses for all district operations
  • Pay invoices for services and supplies provided to the district
  • Issue paychecks to staff
  • Prepare and submit reports to state and federal agencies
  • Prepare Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Property Control

  • Annual inventory district furniture & equipment
  • Maintain accounting records for capital items


  • Ensure compliance with the State Procurement code and district policy
  • Furnish and equip all new facilities, as needed
  • Contract management – enforce terms, coordinate renewals, etc.
  • Issue purchase orders as requested by schools and departments

Distribution Center

  • Maintain warehouse stock of school supplies
  • Receive all K-8 orders and deliver to the school
  • Process all district mail
  • Move classroom and office furniture for district relocations
  • Dispose of textbooks and surplus equipment


  • Review demographic studies for future enrollment projections and school construction
  • Coordinate agreements with governments (city, county, state and federal) and agencies
  • Seek and acquire land for school sites
  • Coordinate and schedule capital projects
  • Coordinate bond election efforts
  • Plan boundary adjustments (internally and externally)
  • Supervise the budget execution from Facilities, Nutrition & Wellness and Transportation, as well as the bond/override budget as it relates to construction and other projects.


  • Construct new schools and classroom additions
  • Plan and construct projects throughout the district
  • Repair, maintain, clean 50 district buildings
  • Oversee the bond program
  • Oversee renewal of custodial contract RFQ evaluation
  • Prepare critical reports required by the School
  • Facilities Board
  • Develop and deploy the district’s Indoor Air Quality response team

Nutrition & Wellness

  • Plan for and feed 20,000 meals daily (including free breakfast in the classroom at selected Title I schools)
  • Supervise a post baccalaureate internship program
  • Provide catering in support of priority projects designated by the Superintendent

Transportation Services

  • Transport students to and from school
  • Provide expertise to individual buildings regarding pedestrian and motor safety
  • Maintain the district fleet of buses, trucks, sedans and other support vehicles and equipment
  • Provide van training and certification
  • Coordinate the Maricopa County Ride Reduction Program
  • Write grants for programs designed to improve air quality