Student Equity

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PVSchools Equity Framework: District Overview

PVSchools is committed to the belief that all students can learn. We can achieve comparable high achievement among all students. We will do this by ensuring equitable access to resources and opportunities.

PVSchools Goal: To work collaboratively to engage students in individualized, rigorous, and authentic learning opportunities so that they may reach their highest potentials.

PVSchools Goal: To create a climate that ensures equity and access for all in PVSchools.

Assumptions/Common Language

Cultural Proficiency: The knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable the staff and students of PVSchools to work well with, respond effectively to, and be supportive of our community in cross-cultural settings.

Culture: A dynamic social system containing the values, beliefs, behaviors, and norms of a specific group of people or organization.

Diversity: A variety of characteristics that directly or indirectly impact our relationship with others.

Equity Goals in PVSchools: 

  1. Create relationships throughout PVSchools that foster safe and supportive school environments characterized by acceptance, value and respect. Our schools and community operate with the understanding that positive relationships create success for all students.
  2. Policies and practices in PVSchools are regularly reviewed in an effort to identify and address barriers in order to ensure that all students can participate and excel in high-quality curricular and extracurricular programs and activities.

Equity is an understanding that treatment, access, learning, and resources are considered for all members of our community. Equity and equality are not the same.


What we need:

  • Informed and empowered PVUSD staff, students and community regarding equity in the district
  • Relationships that build school environments that benefit all students
  • Policies and practices that provide equitable opportunities for all students
  • Appropriate and proven effective equity solutions


Who is invested:

  • PVSchools Teachers and Support Professionals
  • School and District Administrators
  • PVSchools Parent and Student Communities

What we invest:

  • Time
  • Funding
  • Resources

Core Functions

We use:

  • Governing Board Policies
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Procedures
  • Programs
  • Practices
  • Systems
  • Curriculum
  • Data with an Equity Lens

As we consider:

  • How does what we do impact all students?
  • Can we identify a negative/adverse consequence for any identifiable population?
  • What precautions should we take to avoid negative consequences?
  • How do we monitor our work to ensure positive outcomes for all?
  • How do we adjust to produce fair and equitable outcomes?


To create a product/program/lesson that:

  • District Admin
    • Ensures district-wide access to the whole curriculum
  • Building Admin
    • Creates a positive school environment for all students
  • Teachers
    • Support bias-free classrooms
  • Support Staff
    • Provides opportunity for all learners
  • Parents
    • Consider the needs of all families in school activities


What we achieve for all students:

  • Comparable High Achievement
  • Equitable Access
  • Equitable Resources
  • Equitable Treatment
  • Equitable Opportunities to Learn
  • A Common District Belief: All for all, and all means ALL!

Download a printable version of the PVSchools Equity Framework