April 2018 letter


We have seen and heard this frequently in recent days. In Arizona the funding problem for our teachers has been building for years. Teachers are underpaid. We are now experiencing a serious teacher shortage across Arizona. Teachers can go to neighboring states and earn substantially more money. Since I have been on the board in 2004, we have had a significant decrease in funding in our M&O money. This has caused a freezing of sorts of funding available to increase pay for teachers and staff.

According to Laurie Roberts’ Arizona Republic article "5 reasons your child's teacher won't get a decent pay raise this year": 

“[P]ublic schools are still short $1 billion that was cut during the Great Recession and never restored. The state now spends $924 LESS on your child’s education (when inflation is factored in) than it did a decade ago.”

Year after year, we have diligently rearranged the “desk” chairs seeking to keep education afloat. Our teachers deserve better, our students deserve better, our society deserves better.

On behalf of the Board,

Nancy Case