June 2018 letter

As a fourteen-year veteran of the school board, each year I dreaded approving salaries for our staff. I was continually frustrated and embarrassed by the meager wages available due to minimal state funding. The economic downturn of 2008 presented new challenges as public school budgets endured an over two billion-dollar cut. Low teacher pay led to an overwhelming critical teacher shortage. It was “the worst of times” for our children.

I am pleased to report the governor and legislature recently adopted a budget to significantly increase teacher pay. This is a substantial boost to public school funding, but it falls far short of the amount of early 2000’s.

In November 2017, our generous community once again voted to support a maintenance and operation override to increase teacher salaries. Thus, I am pleased to announce that Tuesday night the board approved a 2% salary increase for all employee groups from the override money. Additionally, with state funding from multiple sources, all teachers, counselors, reading specialists, and social workers will receive a 10% increase, for a total of 12%. The total for support staff is 9%, and 5% for principals and central office specialists.

As a result of increased state funds and the voter-approved override, the new starting teacher salary for the 2018-19 school year will be $39,240! Though not as much as our neighbors in contiguous states, it is certainly an improvement.

On behalf of governing board members Julie Bacon, Anne Greenberg, Mark Lane, Sue Skidmore, Superintendent Jim Lee, and myself, sincere thanks to the PV community for your continued support. We pledge to spend our resources judiciously and wisely, and to provide the best education possible for our students now and in the future.

On behalf of the board,

Nancy Case, President