March 2018 letter

At the last School Board Meeting, we had the delightful opportunity to hear mostly from our students and not adults. The majority of the meeting was students expressing their opinion and dreams.

First, we heard from the Cape Girl League at Greenway Middle School. They are sponsored by the Desert Ridge Kiwanis Club. This league is a program designed to empower girls and teach leadership and organizational skills, which will then enlarge their dreams and future endeavors. These young women expressed themselves so well and were thrilled to be having experiences they would not normally enjoy.

Next, we heard from Minority Student Achievement Network (MSAN) students from North Canyon and Paradise Valley high schools who had attended a national conference in Ohio. Each of these students spoke and explained their views and experiences and enriched understanding of their future dreams and responsibilities. They presented the action plans they created for their schools.

Lastly, a team of Career & Technical Education (CTE) students representing each high school in the district, expressed what CTE has taught them in preparation for their future in fields such as Journalism, Engineering, Welding, and Forensics. These students were articulate and enthusiastic.

I so appreciate the teachers and leaders who guide these students and encourage them and enable them to reach their goals. Our future is in good hands as they fulfill their dreams.


Nancy Case
Governing Board president