May 2018 letter

Thank You!

With the restoration of some of the more than one-billion- dollar loss public schools have endured since 2008, all of the teachers and support staff in Paradise Valley Unified School District will receive a long overdue pay raise. Hopefully, this raise will help solve the continued critical teacher shortage throughout Arizona.

In recent years, Arizona’s teacher salaries fell far below the national average. According to the 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average teacher pay in Arizona was $40,768; in California, $64, 867; in New Mexico, $59,737; in Utah, $53,495; and in Nevada, $54,258. Hopefully, by raising salaries, Arizona’s critical teacher shortage can be mitigated. Further, additional funding will be available for educational services and materials.

I would certainly like to thank our community for your support during the last several weeks and our teachers and staff for their continued commitment to all of our children.

On behalf of the board,
Nancy Case, President