May 2019 letter

The days ahead are busy ones, and they offer us the opportunity to honor some very important people in the lives of our students. Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 7,  and this gives all of us a chance to show and tell how important our teachers are to our students and our communities. As adults, we all have that story or two – or 20 – about the time a teacher did or said something that had a significant influence on us. I’m sure your children have the same. Now would be a perfect time for them to acknowledge that wonderful act.

Wednesday, May 8, is Nurse Appreciation Day and, while not a large percentage of our employee pool, they are a mighty and impactful group who work everyday to keep students healthy and engaged in the classroom. Without them, our classroom teachers would have even more challenges in their daily duties.

Because my son is graduating from college in May, I have been thinking a lot about all the PVSchools teachers, administrators, support staff, coaches and one nurse, in particular, who helped us get to this place in his life. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for their contributions to our lives—it seems impossible to summarize the deep appreciation my family has for the work they did and continue to do.

The simplest gesture of appreciation is often the most valued. So, please take a minute this week to thank a teacher and a nurse for their commitment to our students and community. And if you are a teacher or nurse reading this, please accept my deep thanks on behalf of the Governing Board for your support of our students and families.

Julie Bacon