Ammar Yousif

Ammar Yousif, a Senior at Horizon High School has been in the Paradise Valley Unified School District for five years. Like many of his peers, he will be graduating in May 2016 with excitement about the future. During his time in high school, Ammar took many classes to help him pursue his long-term dream of becoming an automotive manufacturing business owner, including Advancement Placement, Intro Engineering Design 1 and 2. He credits many of his teachers with having a positive impact on his educational journey and helping him achieve his goals, including his Engineering teacher, Mr. Cohen, for helping him understand bridges and gaps of automobiles, his Math teachers, Mr. Frank and Mrs. Strang, for helping him understand Math concepts and also his English teachers, Mrs. Abb and Ms. Prince, for helping him with his reading, writing and comprehension.  

Aside from his studies, Ammar made the most of his educational experience by creating an at-lunch basketball club whereby any student from Horizon could join to play. For the last three years, Ammar has served as President of the club and according to Ammar, “ this experience has helped me make new friends and develop bonds with people of different ages and backgrounds.” During his high school experience, Ammar also learned about overcoming obstacles. He successfully made up nine credits by taking online classes for credits he had previously failed. During this process he learned a lot about self-discipline.

His advice for incoming freshmen is to achieve their goals not only in school, but also in life. He also encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities, to have fun and meet other classmates.  Ammar attributes PVSchools with helping him to successfully grow from being a freshman without a lot of knowledge, to a man looking forward to graduation and beginning a career as a military solider and future engineer.