Jessie Duggan

As a PV student for 12 years, Jessie Duggan is no stranger to the journey of excellence. As a senior at Horizon High School, she enjoyed her Government, Economics and AP Psychology classes the most. It was in these classes that she learned about how government works, how to manage money and she also learned a lot about herself. She credits her AP Psychology class with greatly influencing her decisions regarding her future career. In fact, she enjoyed this class so much that she decided to minor in Psychology.

Jessie acknowledges the multiple teachers she had during her journey with having had a positive impact throughout her time at PVSchools.  Aside from helping to shape the person she is today, she also recognizes them for teaching her to respect others and to always adhere to the golden rule- treat others as you would like to be treated.

During her time at Horizon, Jessie was also involved with extracurricular activities that help enhanced her learning experience. She was a freshman mentor, which provided her with the opportunity to highlight all of the wonderful things Horizon has to offer to incoming students. Additionally, she was also a member of the school site council and got to work with parents, teachers, other students, as well as Principal Ihnat on decisions affecting the school. Her advice to incoming freshman students is to “treasure every moment and never take anything for granted.” She also feels it’s important to have fun, but, as she says it, “put your studies first!”

Jessie praises PVSchools with prepping her for future success by providing her with “excellent teachers and experiences.” She is looking forward to her future beyond PVSchools and where her career will take her.