Megan Jansen

Megan Jansen, a senior at Pinnacle High School, has been part of the Paradise Valley Unified School District for seven years, credits her physics teacher with making her more conscious and hardworking.  “Physics has taught me how to solve problems by seeing different perspectives and how to work better with others,” she says. During her time at PVSchools, Megan took many Advanced Placement and Honor classes. It’s these classes she says that have prepared her well for the road ahead with college and beyond by enabling her to develop strong leadership, analytical and time management abilities. While Megan enjoyed Physics and History, she found her Spanish classes to be most inspiring, so much so that she decided to study abroad in three different countries.  She enjoyed the fact that after each trip, her teachers would incorporate what she learned in the classroom. Her membership in the Spanish Honors Society also provided her with opportunities to immerse herself further in the Spanish language.

Aside from academics, Megan also spent time enhancing her academic experience by participating in several extracurricular activities.  Throughout her PV journey, Megan learned that there’s nothing she can’t do without determination.  She held two internship positions, one at the North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce managing member relations and the other as the University of Texas Arlington Research Institute where she worked for six weeks as a full-time researcher in assistive robotics. In addition, she was also the founder and co-president of the diversity club on campus where she learned to explore and celebrate different customs and cultures and also worked for Broadreach as an ambassador.  According to Megan, “anyone is capable of succeeding if they put in hard work.”  Not surprisingly, her advice to incoming students is, “be prepared to work hard-it will be very rewarding!,” she says. She credits her successful journey of excellence with the large array of courses and extracurricular activities that both challenged and engaged her. According to Megan, “this makes it possible for anyone to pursue an academic and extracurricular path that is best suited for them.”  Megan has been accepted to many Ivy League universities, including Cornell, Dartmouth and Notre Dame to name a few. She also received full-tuition scholarships to attend Northeastern and the University of Southern California.  She will be attending the University of Southern California in the fall and is planning on majoring in finance with a double minor in Computer Science and Spanish.