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About the North Valley Arts Academies at PVSchools

Whether your child is passionate about dance, theater, creative musicianship and music technology or visual arts, PVSchools offers an outlet for your child to express his or her creative passions, with a seamless continuation from elementary school through high school.

PVSchools offers the first fully integrated arts education programs in the Northeast Valley at Desert Cove Elementary SchoolShea Middle School and Shadow Mountain High School.

The mission of the North Valley Arts Academies is to foster creative and confident artists who are committed to and passionate about the power of the arts in society. The vision of the North Valley Arts Academies is to create a unique program within a school learning environment that focuses on empowering young people to tell their own stories, develop their creative selves, and engage the world through the arts.

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What's Offered at the North Valley Arts Academies at PVSchools

Dance - Take Center Stage

The North Valley Arts Academies Dance Program provides your child with the essential skills to become a well-rounded dancer. In the early years of the program, students will learn the methodology for popular dance styles such as ballet, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary dance, while engaging in the creative process. In later years, your child will progress into more advanced and complex dance concepts, production, history and analysis of dance, and more. If your child possesses a love of movement, the NVAA Dance Program is ideal for honing their skills and propelling him or her into the art of dance.

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Theater - Steal the Scene

Students in the NVAA Theatre Program explore the unique and transformative power of theatre through collaborative creation. Whether your student has dreams of being on stage or behind the scenes, they will learn how to become master storytellers through the progressively rigorous curriculum preparing them for a variety of creative careers. Elementary students begin their journey learning fundamental performance and storytelling skills such as role-play, puppetry, playwriting and performance, before moving on to advanced acting techniques, design, theater history, direction, improv and musical theater in higher grades. The road to the opening night may be a difficult one, but your child will learn the skills and gain the confidence to become a powerful and creative theatre artist.

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Music Technology - Hit the High Notes

Students of the NVAA Music Technology Program explore the development and production of sound in a progressively rigorous curriculum to gain the skills to work in the music industry. They explore and experience engaging classes focusing on creation, recording, mixing, performing and production. There are field trips to fine art staples across metropolitan Phoenix, such as the Music Instrument Museum and Scottsdale Arts. Guest Artists from the fine arts community visit frequently, providing presentations, workshops and master classes.

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Visual Arts - Craft an Exceptional Talent

Traditional tools and modern technology collide in the NVAA Visual Arts Program as students explore the vast array of artistic media, coding, web design, photography and more. As your child progresses through the grades, he or she will narrow the scope of their work, specializing and refining their techniques, with the goal of creating students looking to excel in an art-related career.

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Further Information on the North Valley Arts Academies at PVSchools

Key Program Features & Benefits

  • Specialized Music and Visual Arts Program - different from band, choir, and orchestra
  • Program pathway from elementary to middle to high school
  • Multiple entry points
  • Schools are conveniently located off State Route 51 and Shea Blvd.
  • Immersion in your student's creative passion

NVAA Requirements

These vary by program and can be found in the applications for each (above).

What Our Parents Say:

"I would recommend this program to other parents and students as it offers students an opportunity to strengthen skills in the areas that they are passionate about, because students get to practice and build relationships with others who share their interest daily, and because the program is designed to work across schools and disciplines."
- Robyn Ratcliff, 7th grade parent

About Open Enrollment at PVSchools

All Arizona students are permitted to attend any public school of their choice – even if the school is outside their district attendance area or outside their district of residence. PVSchools allows students from anywhere in the state to enroll with us.

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