Fine Arts Philosophy and Resources

Fine Arts Core Beliefs

We believe that all students must have a rich, engaging and inspirational experience in the arts. Arts experiences, combined with rigorous core academics, provide our students with the skill sets needed to be successful in college or careers. We ensure that elementary students have equal access to the arts and that their arts experiences include attendance at live performances and touring exhibitions and museums. Secondary students pursue art-making in deeper, more meaningful ways. 

We believe arts instruction must be a model of best practices for instructional delivery and that all arts faculty will hold themselves and their students to the highest levels of academic conduct. Many members of our fine arts faculty are Nationally Board Certified, hold advanced degrees, engage in continuous professional development, and actively practice their art form through performances in community bands and choirs, or show their art work at local art galleries and exhibitions.

We believe that the arts define us as people, as a community, and as a nation, and that the arts are for everyone. We contribute to the workforce of the future by preparing students who graduate with a well-rounded, comprehensive education that allows them to think critically, communicate effectively, and contribute to society in a positive, innovative manner.


Each year, every school produces concerts, art shows, and other performances for their own school community. To find a concert, drama production or a dance performance visit the Fine Arts calendar.

District-level events augment the work done at each school site. These include a Purchase Award program for visual arts as well as a larger Fine Arts Festival in the spring. The community has an opportunity each year to see the high quality of instructors we have on staff by viewing their work at the annual Faculty Art Show.

Fine Arts Curriculum Resources Material Adoption 2021

Thank you to all committee members that participated in any or all of the process for the current Curriculum Resources Adoption Process for the Fine Arts/Music.

This year, we received proposals from companies submitting proposals for K-6 General Music curriculum resources and new curriculum resources for Middle and High School Choir, Band, and Orchestra. On Thursday, March 4, and on Monday, March 8, virtual presentations were held with each of the companies that submitted proposals for consideration in the curriculum resource adoption process.

Companies that submitted proposals for General Music and Band, Choir, and Orchestra and that offered a Virtual Presentation are included with the link to each of the virtual presentations. (A video transcript can be provided upon request for any of the following three videos.)

K-6 General Music

MS/HS Band, Choir, Orchestra


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Arizona Department of Education Fine Arts Standards

General Music

View the General Music Academic Standards in the Arts PDF

Performing Ensembles Standards

View the Performing Ensembles Academic Standards in the Arts PDF

Harmonizing Instruments Standards

View the Harmonizing Instruments Academic Standards in the Arts PDF

Music Theory and Composition (High School)

View the Music Theory and Composition Academic Standards in the Arts PDF

Music Technology (High School)

View the Music Technology Academic Standards in the Arts PDF