Middle School Programs

Options Available for Gifted Middle School Students

Honors and advanced-level courses in mathematics and language arts are designed to provide a more rigorous curriculum and higher expectations for student performance.

Check with individual middle schools for other courses provided at the schools. Instruction incorporates creative and productive thinking, problem-solving, critical thinking skills, research, personal development, and communication. Honors courses prepare students for high-school level honors and advanced placement courses. Advanced math is one level ahead. Honors English, science and social studies are enriched and/or advanced at grade level.

Students qualify for placement in an honors course by meeting district requirements for placement in the gifted program, or by a combination of previous success in the subject area, superior performance on related achievement tests, and/or recommendation by previous teachers of the subject. If you wish to have your 6th-grade child tested contact the Gifted office at (602) 449-2113.

Middle School Program Options Chart

Digital Learning Center at Sunrise Middle School 

A project-based learning environment that embodies 21st century learning through ubiquitous technology, featuring literature integration within the content area. Please contact Sunrise Middle School at (602) 449-6100 for tour information.

Honors Academies at Desert Shadows Middle School

The two Honors Academies at Desert Shadows Middle School provide honors core classes --English, math, science, social studies — with an emphasis in one of two programs: world languages and pre-engineering. For information contact the school directly at (602) 449-6800Visit the school website for further information.

International Baccalaureate program at Vista Verde Middle School

The IB Middle Years Program is a rigorous academically challenging program. Students are challenged to develop in an increasingly interrelated technological society. Visit the school website.