Teacher Resources

Coaching Tool for Classrooms Supporting Gifted Education

Washington Elementary School District created this document with a collaborative group for their Bright Horizon program. They state that the document is “intended to be a representative reflection of current evidenced-based exemplary and promising practices with respect to providing classroom services for culturally and linguistically diverse gifted student populations.”

The Dos and Don’ts of Instruction: What it Means to Teach Gifted Learners Well

This is an article from Carol Ann Tomlinson that gives teachers an overview of four features of “good” gifted instruction as well as a series of inappropriate practices for gifted learners.

Curriculum Enrichment Resources- Hoagies’ Gifted Education

Hoagies assembled a links list of resources for teachers and home-educators of gifted students. Books and articles are listed that address topics like differentiation, grouping and curricular units that meet the needs of gifted learners. All books are linked with Amazon or their publisher for easy access to purchase.

Recommended Reading List from Center for Gifted Education

CFGE assembled a list of research articles on popular topics in gifted education including acceleration, counseling, curriculum, underserved populations, grouping, identification, teacher training and technology. Full bibliographic information is given to access research.

Gifted Professional Development Webinars from UC Irvine

UC Irvine provides free hour-long webinars for educators. Current topics include cluster groupings, emotional aspects of giftedness, and identifying culturally and linguistically diverse gifted students.

Help 4 Teachers

Dr. Kathie F. Nunley created this website to assist teachers in planning lessons with a layered curriculum. A layered curriculum is a technique recommended for meeting the needs of gifted students that takes them from tasks that require basic knowledge to tasks that require application and critical thinking. The site includes sample layered assignments for different content areas.