Native American Services

Available Services Offered

  • Academic intervention for students who meet the set criteria for the school year
  • Cultural materials and presentations for Native American students and their families
  • Youth conferences for Jr. high and high school students
  • Hoop of Learning for high school students

Services are limited and based on need and eligibility. Eligible students are those who have a completed and signed 506 form on file with the district and who are a member of a federally recognized tribe or band, state recognized tribe or band, or a tribe, band, or other organized group of native Americans including those terminated since 1940, or are a child or grandchild of any such member mentioned above, or Inuit, Aleut, or Alaskan native.

Please visit the Native American Education Program website for further information.

If you have any questions about services, please contact James Fabian at (602) 449-2126 or via email.