No Pass, No Play

No Pass, No Play Middle School Festival Policy

  • “F”​ ​is​ ​considered​ ​a​ ​non-passing​ ​grade.
  • Student Athletes are allowed to practice with a non-passing grade.
  • Student Athletes may not travel or compete with a non-passing grade.
  • The NO PASS NO PLAY policy will be clearly stated by all coaches to their athletes. This will allow the athlete 4 weeks to improve and/or maintain their grades.
  • By the completion of the third week of practice, any Festival participant interested in pursuing the All Star team must be given a grade sheet to be signed by all teachers or share online grade document with their coach. This grade check must be turned into the coaches before the Festival to be eligible for All Star selection.
  • If a participant has a non-passing grade, they cannot be chosen for the All Star team.
  • If an All Star player receives a non-passing grade during the All Star season, they will be suspended from play until the grade is deemed passing (“D” or better).
  • Track policy – athletes must be passing prior to the practice meet.
  • Wrestling policy – athletes must be passing prior to the first match.
  • High School Reminder- 8th graders must pass their 4th Quarter classes to be eligible for the Fall high school sports season.