7-12 World Languages Adoption

Our 7-12 World Languages Adoption Committee will be meeting in 2017-2018 for the purpose of recommending a 7-12 World Languages curriculum resource to be implemented in 2018-2019. Committee members include: Kathleen Alexander-Blue, Laura Bertrand, Susan Blakemore Briggs, John Chichester, Dr. Courson, Mary Frank, Diane Froude, Jeffrey Fallup, Diana Gutierrez, Joa He, Lynn Hoppes, Barbara Hull-Ottino, Kandice Kelley-Williamson, Andrea Morici, Lynn Sullivan, Kris Thayer, Dawn Trueblood.

The committee will use this school year to consider curriculum resources and make a recommendation to the Governing Board in May/June, 2018. Prior to this, curriculum resources and presentations will be available to teachers and the public for consideration. The committee values communication with its stakeholders and will be providing information and gathering input throughout the process.

World Language Minutes and Agenda