Curriculum for Grades 7 & 8

middle school

Middle School Curriculum

All middle school students at PVSchools take English, mathematics, science, social studies, music and physical education. Elective offerings include band, chorus, visual arts courses and career and technical education (CTE) such as business, home economics, industrial arts and computer courses. At the completion of middle school, Paradise Valley students have a solid foundation for high school. 

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PVOnline offers online instruction for grades K through 12, with choice and flexibility for personalized student success. PVOnline was developed, taught and administered by the district.

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Physical Education

Students may be required to participate in a physical education class for at least one semester. Program goals for students include: the development of knowledge of good health-habits, together with an awareness of the effects of physical activity and exercise on one’s health. Students will also participate in a personally designed health and fitness-related exercise program, and will participate in various activities relating to individual and team sports. Students work cooperatively, as well as individually, to develop their own fitness levels and to learn specific rules and skills involved in the various lessons presented. Teamwork, safety, and sportsmanship are stressed throughout the course. 

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