K-8 Math Adoption

Our K-8 Math Adoption Committee will be meeting in 2017-2018 for the purpose of recommending a K-8 math curriculum resource to be implemented in 2019-2020. Committee members include: Alex Ariemma, Cynthia Cypher, Felicia Favela, Lisa Fryer, Courtney Kowal, Scott Lawrence, Betsy Mays, Kaylen Miller, Kori Mittelstedt, Amy Moore, Andrea Morici, Sarah Murley Bammer, Melissa Sarnowski, Courtney Somar, Michelle Sounart, Chloie Stelton, Stasia Stoffey, Elaine Williamson, and Dr. Dan Courson.

The committee will use this school year to consider curriculum resources and make a recommendation to the Governing Board in November 2018. Prior to this, curriculum resources and presentations will be available to teachers and the public for consideration. The committee values communication with its stakeholders and will be providing information and gathering input throughout the process.

Math Adoption Viewing and Feedback Process

The 2018 K-8 math adoption committee is making available for public review two open educational resources. These resources are being considered for math instruction beginning in the 2019 - 2020 school year.

Open Educational Resources

Zearn/Eureka Math

The first resource is Zearn, which is for grades K-5.

Illustrative Mathematics

The second resource is Illustrative Mathematics. Illustrative Mathematics is for grades 6-8.
More information can be found on the Illustrative Mathematics website.

Webinar information

Sign up for a weekly webinar to be introduced to the curriculum.
Watch an archived webinar recording of the Bill McCallum Webinar series where Bill digs deeper into the mathematics.
Also, catch the Straight Talk about Implementation webinar hosted by two of our pilot districts and our Director of Quality and Alignment, Tammy Baumann.

Information nights

PVOnline located at 15002 N. 32nd St. will be hosting the following events:

  • Zearn information night: Monday April 16, 2018,  5 - 6:30 pm
  • Illustrative Mathematics information night: Monday April 23,2018,  5 - 6:30 pm
  • Sample print materials for both programs are available for public viewing in room 6 of PVOnline between the hours of 8 am - 2 pm until May 11, 2018.

Math Adoption Feedback

Zearn Feedback
Illustrative Mathematics Feedback

2018 Adoption Committee Meeting Note

Download to view the October 4, 2018, Meeting Notes