Female Middle School And Other Students Using Video-Editing Software on iMacs

Technology at PVSchools

Technology plays a critical role in the successes of our students. Our programs incorporate modern technology to deliver a more engaging curriculum, provide support for instruction, and add value to the learning experience.

In the Classroom

Classrooms are equipped with SMARTBoards and projectors, and students have access to iPad and iTouch technology along with MacBooks and Chromebooks. All of our campuses are WiFi enabled, and students can also access it using their own devices.

Homework Help

PVSchools offers FROST – Free Resources for Online Student Tutoring. Any enrolled student can receive free online peer-to-peer tutoring in any subject area using the FROST two-way audio-video functionality and screen sharing. FROST can be used anywhere there is Internet service.

Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is a web-based portal that allows parents to access grade, attendance and other information about their student.

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Digital Citizenship

Our students are expected to learn and demonstrate digital citizenship from the moment they log on. Digital citizenship covers areas such as online bullying, safety, rights and responsibilities, etiquette, digital law and more. PV students learn to make responsible and safe technology decisions.

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Teenage Girl Smiling - Sitting On Couch - PVOnline

PVOnline is PVSchools' K-12 online school that provides choice and flexibility for individual student success. PVOnline allows students to study at their own pace in a flexible, supportive online learning environment. Students receive one-on-one instructional support from highly qualified, certified teachers and have access to peer-to-peer homework help and a drop-in learning lab where they can connect with other online students.

Offering more than 1,600 course enrollments, PVOnline is open to all Arizona-based students and is fully accredited by the state of Arizona. This online school can help your child get the credits he or she needs for graduation and higher education.

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