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NYC Businessman Adopts Phoenix Classrooms, Provides Supplies

Monday , April 29 , 2019

It's been a year since the Red for Ed movement, and while many teachers saw a raise, some are still struggling when it comes to buying supplies for their classrooms. But a secret shopper across the country came though for a handful of Valley educators. "I will be able to use these every year," said second grade teacher Elisabeth Milich (of Whispering Wind Academy), speaking of books she received in the mail. But her cabinets weren't always this stocked. Just last year she posted her salary on social media. Since then, she has seen a pay bump, but said it still doesn't cover everything. "He's very, very matter of fact, please give me a list of the supplies you need, be as specific as possible," Milich said. "I am just reading this, like, this cannot be for real, there's no way." A few days later, boxes full of books, paints, and pencils actually arrived. "I mean, it's like Christmas, you don't even know the excitement of paint and paint brushes," Milich said. "This is so little money for so much help," said Ben Adam, the benefactor behind the boxes. 

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