PVSchools to Unveil New-Look District Website, School Sites

Wednesday , June 26 , 2019

As part of a continual effort to ensure our website best serves our families' needs and stays current with industry standards, PVSchools is refreshing our district website, as well as all of our individual school sites.

On July 1, 2019, you will see a new look across the PVSchools domain. The content will remain largely the same, although you will see a few changes to the navigation and some pages that have been combined to streamline the content. All brand colors and logos will remain the same.

The individual school sites have been set up to take on a unique identity from each other. The imagery and calendar events on each site will pertain more closely to your child's school.

Other changes to look for on our sites include:

  • Each school's homepage will have unique imagery in the top banner space, rather than that spot being used to promote district and school events.
  • Calendar events will be more visual, as well as heavily featured on the homepage.
  • New quicklink buttons on each homepage will help direct visitors to the most important parts of the site.
  • School principal and address information will be shown at the top of every homepage.
  • Schools will have a new News/Blog section to share more details about events, awards, subject expertise, and more.

District Website-Specific Changes:

  • The district site will have dedicated video pages along with categorization to help filter the type of videos you want to watch. Most of the videos will be hosted on the district site, rather than on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • A new contact page on the district site to help you reach us and submit an inquiry more easily.
  • There will be nine quicklink buttons near the top of the homepage to help direct you to the most important areas of the site.

Keep an eye out for the new look of our website next week, and also keep in mind that information about a new PVSchools mobile app is forthcoming. Thank you for your support of PVSchools.