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Staying Safe Around Water This Summer

Thursday , June 27 , 2019

Summer is here, and one sure way to stay cool this time of year is water.  Parents and children need to play it safe around water whether it’s pools, splash pads, water parks, lakes or oceans. Here are a few tips to help keep you safe this summer.

  1. Adult supervision – is the key to ensuring that your child is safe around the water. Never leave your child alone around water, not even for a second. When supervising children around water, it’s important to stay focused on the swimmers without distractions such as reading a book or talking on the phone. Keep a cell phone nearby in case there’s an accident and you need to call 911.
  2. Play it safe in the sun – wear protective clothing, including hats, sunglasses and UV shirts. Don’t forget to use sunscreen that has an SPF higher than 15, and remember to reapply liberally according to the directions.
  3. Swim with a buddy – never swim alone. Designate a swimming buddy before heading to the pool, beach, lake or water park.
  4. Know your limits – don’t swim out too far if you are not a strong swimmer; stay in shallow areas. Get out of the water when you start to feel tired. If a summer storm is approaching, get out of the water and find shelter.
  5. Swim in safe areas – never swim in murky water or strong currents.
  6. Get certified – Knowing CPR can mean the difference between life and death.  Become certified in infant and child first aid and CPR.
  7. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water to stay hydrated when you’re outdoors.
  8. Safety first – always have your child wear a lifejacket when on a boat, water skis or other personal watercraft.
  9. No horsing around – remind your child not to run around the pool as the deck, most likely, may be slippery and your child could slip and fall. Don’t push others into the pool or dive into shallow areas of a pool. Establishing rules will ensure that no one gets hurt.
  10. Pool safety gates – if you haven’t already installed a safety gate around your pool or hot tub, this would be a great time to do that. When leaving the pool, make sure to secure the gate with a lock, so no one can accidentally get in. Also, it’s a good idea to repair gates when needed.

    It’s also important to keep tables and chairs away from pool fences as children may use these items to climb over safety gates.
  11. Cryptosporidium – if you’re infected with the Cryptosporidium, a germ that causes diarrhea, do not go swimming as the germ is spread by swallowing water that has been contaminated. Cryptosporidium can survive for days in properly chlorinated and well-maintained pools.

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